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2024 Summer Camp

We are glad to announce our Annual Summer Immersion Camp for Tibetan Students this year!

Registration Deadline: July 16th

When: Sunday, July 21st - Saturday July 27th

Where: Camp Wa-Ri-Ki 

The Summer Camp is open to all Tibetan children from 5-16 years of age!


Thank You to our Generous Sponsor/Partner: The Tibet Fund

  • Who is the Education Director?
    Please check the Board of Directors page for current Education Director. The Education Director is charge of Registration & Tuition/Fees.
  • Who is the Principal?
    The Principal is Dorjee Tseten la. The Principal is in charge of teacher attendance, compensation, and substitution arrangement.
  • Where can I download textbooks and syllabus?
  • What is the fee?
    $120 for half year ($240 for whole year) irrespective of whether language only, song & dance only or both.
  • Can I leave after dropping my child at Sunday School?
    NO! Parent's have the responsibility to look after their own child ensuring they attend morning prayers, go to their respective classes, monitor during breaks and maintain discipline. The teachers will only ensure proper discipline and maintain decorum when the students steps into the classroom. REMEMBER – Sunday school should not be treated as a ‘Daycare’. If a parent has to leave for whatever reason it is their responsibility to have their child looked after by whoever they designate personally. Sunday school program does not assume responsibility outside of the regularly scheduled classes and programs.
  • What stationeries should I bring?
    Text books can be purchased for $10.00 for respective classes. Each student should bring two note books (one for language and one for song & dance), a pencil sharpener, eraser and 3 pencils. Parents are encouraged to label backpacks, and books and other belongs.
  • Where can I find information on Sunday School and forms?
    Please check for information, calendar and event updates. Questions can be answered by our Education Director or any member of the parents committee.
  • Who are the members of Parents Committee?
    Please check the notice board.
  • Who is in charge of cooking rotation & kitchen management?
    Dawa Tuladhar la and Youdon Zingka la
  • What are lunch charges?
    $5 for adult and $3 for senior. Free for registered students, teachers and Board of Directors.
  • When do the parents have to cook and also pay for groceries? What is expected of the Lunch?
    Most likely each parent will have at least one turn to cook in a school year. All expenses for foods are borne by the parents that is cooking on that day. A list of the Cooking Rotation is posted and emailed by Dawa Tuladhar from parent committee to inform before your turn. NWTCA will keep the following non perishables in stock for use, Rice, Daal, Tea Bag, Sugar, Cooking Oil, and some commonly used spices. Salads and fruits are a plus to be added to each lunch. Please provide water and drinks. The norm has been to make Bhoe Cha (Butter Tea) and sweet tea. You have to bring your own tea leaves for Bhoe Cha. Parents also bring snacks for afternoon break around 2pm.
  • What are the compensation for teachers?
    $20/hr for Language teachers $25/hr Performing Arts teacher
  • What if there has been a property damage?
    Each child’s parent will be responsible for damages done to property of the association. The estate manager will make efforts to fix damages and present bill to parents of the child responsible for reimbursement. Consistent behavior which hampers spirit of the program and hinders learning experience of others will be dealt with disciplinary action.

Previous Camps

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