Summer Camp

We are glad to announce that our Annual Summer Immersion Camp for Tibetan students returns this year!

  • When: Sunday July 31 - Thursday, Aug 4

  • Where: Bodkhang

The summer camp is open to all Tibetan children from 5-16 years of age! Registration deadline is July 10th! See below for more information.

Thank You to our Generous Sponsor/Partner: The TibetFund.


  1. To familiarize Tibetan youngsters to their culture, language, music & dance and also to the essence of Tibetan Meditation

  2. To create an environment for Tibetan youngsters from different parts of North America to develop friendship among themselves and to widen their social network.

  3. To bring Tibetan youngsters closer to the values of Tibetan culture and to give them a sense of belonging.


The camp participants are divided into groups based on age. The students have the opportunity to explore different aspects of Tibetan culture and way of life.

  • Morning will start with daily mindfulness meditation followed by classes in Tibetan reading and conversations.

  • Afternoon session will focus on Tibetan dances and music.

We are also planning field trips to develop teamwork and leadership skills.

Age Requirement

Ages 5 to 16 yrs old


Registration is closed!

Fee Structure

$75* per child. (After the deadline $100* per child.) Registration fee is non-refundable unless of medical emergencies.

Education Director Tenzin Ngodup la will collect fees.

Check must be made payable to NWTCA and can be mailed to NWTCA, PO Box 20667, Portland, OR 97294

*If you are having economic hardship issues, please contact me for tuition waiver or discounted fees.

*Sibling discount, 50% discount for the third sibling.

Parental Duty

  • Food preparation and camp event helpers are needed throughout the summer camp program. Please commit one day for kitchen duty and one day as event helper. Please find a suitable substitute if you are personally not available. Please contact Tenzin Ngodup la as soon as you know your preferred day for help.

  • Adults and Children attending lunch meals will be charged $5 unless registered as Students, Teachers, Camp Counselors, BoD, or Parent helpers of that particular day.

  • Out of State Applicants: You are responsible to arrange your child’s host family and other necessary arrangements during the week of Summer Camp.

Terms of Agreement

  • Participation in the camp is completely voluntary. NWTCA will take utmost care of the participants during the camp. However, NWTCA will not be responsible or liable for unforeseen circumstance such as accident or injury to participants.

  • Parents will be notified to pick up their child in the event of an accident or illness during his/her presence at the camp.

  • NWTCA, camp organizers and volunteers will not be responsible for participants' loss of personal items.

  • Parents will be notified to pick up their child if she/he engages in destructive behavior and disturbs the peace of the camp.

  • NWTCA reserves the right to accept or deny applications.

Volunteer Opportunity

We are always looking for volunteers especially senior high school students, college students and local community members to assist us during the summer camp. If you are interested please fill the form.

Contact Us

For questions/concerns, please contact our Education Director Tenzin Ngodup or